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Gambling Act 2005
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Adult Gaming Centre Premises Licence
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Inspired Gaming UK Ltd
Roz Sage
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Baldock Services
Great North Road
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Adult Gaming Centre Premises Licence

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<b><u>Conditions/requirements for all premises licences</u></b><br>A premises licence shall, by virtue of section 183 of the 2005 Act, be subject to the condition that the premises shall not be used to provide facilities for gambling on Christmas Day.
The holder of a premises licence:<p>(a) shall pay a first annual fee to the licensing authority within such period after the issue of the licence as may be prescribed, and</p>(b) shall pay an annual fee to the licensing authority before each anniversary of the issue of the licence.
<p>The holder of a premises licence shall:</p><p>(a) keep the licence on the premises, and</p>(b) arrange for the licence to be made available on request to:<p>(i) a constable,</p>(ii) an enforcement officer, or<br>(iii) an authorised local authority officer.
<p>If the holder of a premises licence ceases to reside or attend at the address specified in the licence under section 151(1)(b) he shall as soon as is reasonably practicable:</p><p>(a) Notify the licensing authority, and</p>(b) Inform the licensing authority of a home or business address at which he resides or attends.<p>The Secretary of State may make regulations requiring the holder of a premises licence:(a) To notify the licensing authority of any change of circumstances of a prescribed kind in relation to him or to an authorised activity, and<br>(b) To give the licensing authority prescribed details of the change.</p>
A premises licence shall cease to have effect if the licensee: <p>(a) notifies the licensing authority of his intention to surrender the licence, and</p>(b) gives the licensing authority either:<p>(i) the licence, or</p>(ii) a written statement explaining why it is not reasonably practicable to produce the licence.
Where the holder of a premises licence fails to pay the annual fee in accordance with regulations under section 184 the licensing authority shall revoke the licence.
<p>In the case of a premises licence issued to an individual, the licence shall lapse if:</p><p>(a) the licensee dies,</p>(b) the licensee becomes, in the opinion of the licensing authority as notified to the licensee, incapable of carrying on the licensed activities by reason of mental or physical incapacity,<p>(c) the licensee becomes bankrupt (within the meaning of section 381 of the Insolvency Act 1986 (c.45)), or</p>(d) sequestration of the licensees estate is awarded under section 12(1) of the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 1985 (c.66).<p>In any other case a premises licence shall lapse if the licensee:</p><p>(a) ceases to exist, or</p>(b) goes into liquidation (within the meaning of section 247(2) of the Insolvency Act 1986).
<b><u>Mandatory conditions for all premises licences</u></b><br>The summary of the terms and conditions of the premises licence issued under section 164(1)(c) of the 2005 Act shall be displayed in a prominent place within the premises.
The layout of the premises shall be maintained in accordance with the plan.
The premises shall not be used for:<p>(a) the sale of tickets in a private lottery or customer lottery, or</p>(b) the sale of tickets in any lottery in respect of which the sale of tickets on the premises is otherwise prohibited.
For the purpose of these conditions:<p>(a) a private lottery means a private society lottery or work lottery within the meaning of paragraphs 10 and 11 od Schedule 11 to the 2005 Act; and</p>(b) a customer lottery has the saem meaning as in Part 3 of Schedule 11 to the 2005 Act.
<b><u>Mandatory conditions for adult gaming centres</u></b><p>(a) A notice stating that no person under the age of eighteen (18) years is permitted to enter the premises shall be displayed in a prominent place at every entrance to the premises. </p>(b) No customer shall be able to access the premises directly from any other premises in respect of which a licence issued under Part 8 of the Act, or a permit issued under Schedule 10, 12 or 13 to the Act, has effect.<p>(c) Any ATM made available for use on the premises shall be located in a place that requires any customer who wishes to use it to cease gambling at any gaming machine in order to do so.</p>(d) No alcohol shall be permitted to be consumed on the premises at any time during which facilities for gambling are being provided on the premises.<br>(e) A notice stating the alcohol condition in sub paragraph (d) shall be displayed in a prominent place at every entrance to the premises.
<b><u>Default conditions for adult gaming centres</u></b><br>None